Tips for Designing a Timeless and Trendy Bathroom

Everything to Know to Create a Timeless Bathroom Design

A&P Custom Kitchens Tips to Design a Timeless BathroomRemodeling a bathroom is a time consuming, costly and stressful undertaking for homeowners; it is definitely not something you want to frequently experience. To avoid the chaos of a major renovation every few years you’ll want to design the space with a trendy, yet timeless appeal. Classic style with luxurious upgrades and modern design ensures your bathroom space is transformed into a timeless, relaxing oasis. A&P Custom Kitchens, Philadelphia’s top bathroom & kitchen remodeling contractors, give homeowners a few secrets to designing a timeless bathroom.

How to Keep your Bathroom Remodel Timeless

Splurge on Fixtures: Upgraded, high quality bathroom fixtures will not only exude elegance and luxury, but they’ll also last for many years without rusting or corroding. Top brands like Moen and Kohler offer bathroom fixtures with advanced technology and modern style that will ensure a timeless bathroom design for many years.  

Prioritize Counter Space: A functional bathroom must have plenty of counter space. You may want to consider taking away from other areas of your bathroom to fit a larger vanity (preferably one with double sinks). If your bathroom remodel prioritizes functionality, you’ll guarantee it will stand the test of time.

Choose your Vanity Wisely: Speaking of counter space, your vanity is one of the focal points of your bathroom. It must provide enough space and exude a timeless style. We suggest keeping the design simple, avoiding bulky and sticking to crisp, clean lines and neutral color.

Avoid Trendy Paint Colors: While you can use splashes of color on décor and accent pieces that are easily interchangeable, we recommend sticking to bright, white walls for a timeless bathroom. If you feel you need some color on your walls, go with classic colors like blues, greens and yellows.

Neutral Tiles: Removing outdated tiles is one of the most difficult tasks of a bathroom renovation as it often involves removing fixtures like toilets and shower heads. While patterned tiles are beautiful, they will eventually go out of style. Neutral tile is the safest bet for longer style life.

Incorporate Marble: If there is anywhere to splurge in your bathroom renovation it should be on marble countertops. Not only is the stone clean, crisp and classy, it is timeless. Marble adds contrast to white finishes with its breathtaking patterns.

Innovative Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

A&P Custom Kitchens has a full team of contractors and designers who stay up to date on the latest trends that never go out of style. If you’re ready to invest in a bathroom renovation, give our experts a call! Backed by 35 years of professional kitchen and bath remodeling experience, we will bring your space back to life, complete with all the modern luxuries in comfort and style. Call our Philadelphia showroom at 215-551-9070 for a design consultation today.