What a Homeowner can Expect from a Home Remodeling Consultation

Expectations for a Home Remodeling Consolation

A&P Custom Kitchen Homeowners Expectations Home Remodeling ConsultationEvery custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling project begins with a complete and thorough homeowner consolation. This is the most important step for your renovation and should not be taken lightly. Not only will the home remodeling consultation ensure you’re hiring the right contractor for your project, but it will lay out the budget, scope and timeframe for completion. If you’re not familiar with the process and are not sure what to expect from your home remodeling consultation, A&P Custom Kitchens highlights the entire process below. Do not go into a renovation project blindly, make sure your renovation contractor is in line with your high expectations!

Our Home Remodeling Consolation Process

Consultation Cost: Many initial phone consultations are free of cost. However, some contractors will charge anywhere between $150 – $1,000 for a design agreement which includes detailed plans with all the bells and whistles. In both cases you are not obligated to use the company, but if you’re on a tight budget make sure you ask about all consultation costs during your inquiry call or email.

Budget: While budgets can fluctuate depending on cost of material and an added bonus you just couldn’t say no to it is best to have a general budget in mind before reaching out to local kitchen & bathroom remodeling contractors. There is a vast difference between a $10,000 and a $40,000 price point. You want to make sure the company can provide you with affordable options.

Remodeling Wants and Needs: Make sure you understand the difference between renovations your home needs vs. upgrades you want; this is especially true when working with a tight budget. Homeowners should be realistic about what they can achieve with their remodeling project. During your consultation the contractor can help you best decide where to allocate most of your budget.

At-Home Consultation: At this point in the home remodeling consultation process your contractor will need to visit your home to get a solid idea of what you’re looking to achieve. This will include an inspection of the plumbing, electrical, walls and existing structures to come up with some design plans.

Samples/Showroom Visit: Flooring, granite countertops, laminate cabinets and other products can be viewed in a showroom or in an online portfolio. Professional designers on staff can help pull the look together while sticking to your budget.

Project Timeframe: The last and final step of your kitchen & bath renovation consultation is to finalize the design plans, timeframe and begin the work. Depending on the scope of your project the remodeling can usually be completed within 30 days!