Stunning Alternatives to Marble Countertops

Alternatives to Kitchen & Bath Marble Countertops

A&P Custom Kitchens Beautiful Marble Countertop AlternativesMarble countertops are known for their durability and resistance to heat, as well as their distinguished patterns and timeless elegance. If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom space and marble countertops are at the top of your list, the price may have discouraged you. But, don’t worry! You can still achieve the pristine white or patterned beauty of these surfaces at a fraction of the cost! A&P Custom Kitchen, remodeling & renovation contractors in Philadelphia, outlines our 4 favorite marble countertop alternatives to stunningly upgrade your kitchen or bathroom space.

4 Inexpensive Marble Countertop Alternatives to Upgrade your Home

Quartz: This man-made option is by far the most popular of all the marble countertop alternatives. In fact, many slabs are crafted so well they are almost identical to their more expensive counterpart. More so, quartz countertops are stain and scratch resistance, but do not need to be resealed yearly like natural stone.

White Concrete: If you’re more of a DIY renovator with a taste for the white elegance of marble, concrete countertops are the best option. Clean, modern and industrial is one of the biggest kitchen renovations trends right now. White concrete countertops fall right into this space, while also giving you super affordability.

Quartzite: This natural stone surface may be the closest resemblance to marble in both look and durability. In its purest form it is a similar stunning white people desire with marble and many slabs have gorgeous veining accents as well. Quartzite countertops are highly resistant to staining, heat, water and acidic compounds. This marble alternative perfectly blends strength, functionality and affordability.

Pure White Caesarstone: If you’ve always dreamt of a kitchen that exudes elegance without the high price tag, choose Pure White Caesarstone countertops. As with all of the marble countertop alternatives above, this option is scratch, heat and stain resistant. These slabs are also very easy to clean and will maintain its pristine color for years to come!

Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Inspiration

Just because you do not have $100,000+ budget to renovate your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t mean you should be able to obtain the look and feel you’ve always dreamed about. A&P Custom Kitchen offers many affordable alternatives to marble countertops for homeowners working in all budgets. From new countertop installation to a complete kitchen remodeling project, we are here to help you fall back in love with your home. Call our Philadelphia office at 215-551-9070 to speak with our professional designers.