Homeowner Habits that are Ruining Kitchen Countertops

Common ways you’re Ruining the Kitchen Countertops

A&P Custom Kitchens Homeowner Habits Accidentally Ruining Kitchen CountertopWhen you invest in high quality kitchen countertops you want to do everything in your power to ensure you’re taking care of them correctly to maintain their shine, beauty and durability. However, even the most careful homeowners can develop habits that are accidentally ruining their kitchen countertops! Whether they’re made of laminate, granite, marble or other such materials they are susceptible to damage if not properly maintained. A&P Custom Kitchens highlights 5 common mistakes homeowners make that are unintentionally ruining their kitchen countertops. Don’t worry, we’ve also included tips to combat these mistakes!

5 Mistakes Homeowners make that are Ruining Kitchen Countertops

Forgetting the Cutting Board: While you invested in your stone countertops because of their durability there is no reason to be slicing and chopping your fruits and vegetables directly on the surface. Fine scratches will occur and increase the chances of damaging your expensive countertops.

Hot Appliances: Toaster ovens, slow cookers, coffee makers and other such appliances radiate heat from the bottom of the device. This change in temperature can lead to cracks or burn marks on the countertops. Place the appliance on top of a board, towel or similar barrier to prevent damage.

Water Buildup: Pools of water left sitting for long periods of time can cause white buildup and stains, even if your countertops are sealed. Water should be wiped up and fully dried immediately.

Acidic Foods: Many stone countertops, but especially marble, are highly sensitive to acidic-based liquids. Vinegar, wine and juices from lemons/limes can cause etches or dull spots. These should be cleaned right away! It is always best to pour these types of liquids over your sink or use a cutting board to avoid spills.

Excessive Sunlight Exposure: Constant direct sunlight on stone or laminate countertops can cause fading over the course of several years. Especially in the months when the UV index is high you should pull down your shades during peak hours.

Countertop Cleaning & Maintenance Mistakes

Breaking these bad habits will ensure your countertops stay in top shape for many years. Further, proper cleaning habits and regular resealing guarantee you get the most out of your kitchen investment. To learn more about kitchen & bathroom remodeling or countertop & cabinet maintenance and care, refer to our renovation blog regularly. If you’re ready to discuss a home remodeling project, call A&P Custom Kitchen today at 215-551-9070.