Proper Techniques to Clean Granite Countertops

Easily Disinfect & Clean Granite Countertops

A&P Custom Kitchens How to Guide Clean Granite CountertopsInvesting in granite kitchen countertops is a smart decision for homeowners due to their stunning appearance, durability and resistance against bacteria and stains. Since granite is a natural stone it requires a specific cleaning routine and scheduled resealing service every 2 – 4 years. A&P Custom Kitchens offers a full guide on the best practices for homeowners to clean granite countertops. Following these tips will ensure they maintain the same shine and beauty at the time they were installed for many years to come!

6 Tips for Sparking Clean Granite Countertops

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Stay away from cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals, acidic-based cleaners, vinegar and abrasive scrubbing tools. When used to sanitize granite kitchen countertops, these cleaners will quickly dull the granite, weaken the sealant and scratch the natural stone.

Clean Spills Immediately: While granite does not easily soak in stains, it is a good preventative cleaning measure to wipe spills up as soon as they happen. This is especially helpful for citrus juices, red wine, sticky soda and hot grease.

Keep Cleaning Solutions Simple: Since we want to avoid harsh chemicals when we clean granite countertops it is ideal to keep your cleaning solution as simple as possible. We recommending wetting a soft sponge or microfiber cloth with plain water and adding a few drops of dish detergent onto the countertops. Wipe completely to ensure all food & dirt is removed. Using a fresh cloth, rinse with water and wipe countertops again to remove any soap residue.

Dry Granite Countertop Completely: After you’ve cleaned the countertops following the instructions above you should wipe them again using a dry cloth. This will ensure no water marks are left behind and your countertops are sparkling clean!

Buy Specialty Cleaner: If you want something a bit stronger than soap & water to clean your granite countertops, consider a cleaner specifically made for this natural stone material. Almost all grocery stores offer granite countertop cleaning products at affordable prices.

Always use Microfiber Cloth: Every time you clean your granite countertops you must always use a soft microfiber cloth. Any other material, such as a sponge or scrubber, will scratch the stone and cause imperfections.

Cleaning Tips for Lasting Granite Stone

Employing these cleaning and maintenance tips will ensure your granite countertop surface retains its stunning beauty and gorgeous shine for many years to come. Protect your investment by following our guide on the best ways to clean granite countertops. Follow the A&P Custom Kitchens’ blog for more kitchen & bathroom cleaning tips, remodeling inspiration and more!